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شاهدوا فعاليات الاجتماعات السنوية حول مواضيع التنمية 16-19 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول. شاركوا بالتعليق والنقاش مع الخبراء. الفعاليات

Dr. Alan Bollard

Executive Director, APEC Secretariat, Singapore

Dr. Alan Bollard is the Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat based in Singapore, the body that promotes trade, investment and sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific. Dr. Bollard advances APEC’s agenda by executing APEC’s work programmes as mandated by Leaders and Ministers.

Prior to joining APEC, Dr. Bollard was the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand from 2002 to 2012. In that position, he was responsible for monetary policy and bank regulations, helping steer New Zealand through the global financial crisis.